Leucate, taste and flavours !

For your greatest pleasure, Leucate is the place where the scent of the sea meets the scent of the garrigue.


The mediterranean village of Leucate and its narrow streets tempt to ramble.
A stroll is the perfect occasion to discover the village where you will find, nested in its heart, some nice
restaurants with sunny terraces, and local products to eat. You will also find local biscuits, traditionnal sweets and olive oil producers !


Under the winds, next to the sea and the ponds with the guarrigue nearby to feed them, Leucate's vines take their richness in this contrasting territory.
Vignobles du Cap Leucate grows three famous PDO. One of them is the oldest Languedoc-Roussillon red-wine PDO. They are all made in the winery called La Prade next to Leucate Village on the "Les chemins du Fitou" ("Fitou's paths", hiking trails to meet the wine-growers).

Shellfish farming

Ostréiculture Leucate
Ostréiculteurs Nos ostréiculteurs mettent tout leur cœur pour élever leurs coquillages
The oyster famers grows their shells : oysters, mussels, clams and even shrimps on the shores of the Grau at the oyster farms.

12 months a year, oyster famers welcome you in their farms to taste the famous "Cap leucate", the deep oyster with thin flesh and hazelnut taste, served with a glass of local white wine !
huître Cap
Venez déguster la célèbre Cap Leucate, l’huître creuse à la chair fine et au goût de noisette !
Find our oysters famers


Pêche à Leucate
Fishing is celebrated every year at St Peter's day, during a big celebration to maintain traditions.

Two techniques are used :

- The first - the classique one, is to set nets near the cliff or on sandbank.
- The second one is to spread out a net linked to the ground with a rope with a boat, called seine-haul fishing (pêche à la senne or à la caluche). Fishermen bring back trapped fish from the sea to the beach.

Leucate's speciality remains the eel fishing to prepare the Bourride or Pignato.
Fishermen sell every morning their fresh fish on the Quai des Pêcheurs, at the harbour's central pond.

The markets

All season long, Leucate's flavours await you in the markets.

Day and night markets, worldwide markets or organic food markets meet in Leucate.
marchés Leucate
Prenez le temps, flânez dans les étales et profitez d’un café en terrasse !